Fountain_Smith Governance Lawyers

Director, Principal Legal Practitioner and Governance Professional Garth Fountain-Smith is also a consultant to Marshalls+Dent+Wilmoth lawyers. You can view Garth’s profile on their website here, as well.

Directors are influencers

Governance expertise is embedded at FSGL. We can assist you to further drive your skills as a director, officer or company secretary. We help protect you through knowledge sharing, assessing performance and capturing vulnerabilities. Its what we do! Together we can advocate to:

  • maximise your knowledge and due diligence
  • strengthen your legal and regulatory compliance
  • minimise reputational risk and damage to you and your company
  • comply with professional codes of conduct
  • enhance organisation culture
  • identify, evaluate, treat, calibrate and mitigate risk
  • align vision, values and attitudes
Fountain Smith Governance Lawyers